Kyle Nachtigal's new album Fort Dakota was released on Friday, July 15th.  The album is available on all major online stores, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

In a music scene saturated with performers equipped with laptops and light shows, the raw talent of Nashville’s Kyle Nachtigal is a breath of fresh air.  His latest release Fort Dakota captures the polished dynamic of his one man acoustic show.  

“The album is a snapshot of what I’m doing live,” says Nachtigal (pronounced knock-ti-gawl), who has played dozens of shows all over the midwest this year and is the sole performer on the record.  “Everything you hear was done in a single take, without any production tricks, edits, or auto tune.” 

Despite the minimalism of it’s production, Fort Dakota is far from your standard strum-along acoustic album.  Trained as a guitarist and a songwriter at Belmont University in Nashville, Kyle’s versatility as a player and writer make for an ultra dynamic listening experience, with elements of rock, pop, folk, jazz, and hip hop all wrapped into a tight and cohesive package.

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