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"Fly Me To The Moon"   

Here's some real smooth footage shot from a drone by Baker Jones.


"Might Fly"

Fort Dakota Studios never looked so sexy thanks to Brad Cash and his vibey light work.


"The Last Time" Acoustic In Studio

Funky and debaucherous.  Hope you enjoy...

Birmingham Press  7/27


Springfield News-Leader 6/16

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Balcony TV Nashville


The Paducah Sun 4/6



Covering Fleetwood Mac with the effortlessly talented Jaclyn Davies.



My song "Joplin" is about an EF5 tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011.  The song was inspired by the story of 24 people who survived the tornado huddled in the beer cooler of a gas station.  Listen to the NPR special that inspired the song here.  

 Here are two different versions of me doing it live.  


Live from Moonlight on the Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama.


With the harmonica for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest.


"Mona Lisa" 

A tiny motion picture with Brad Owens.   




Fort Dakota

Fort Dakota Front Cover.jpg


Fort Dakota was recorded in just three days with Josh Morris at Fort Dakota Studios. 

The album features just me and the CS024 acoustic guitar.  Josh miked my guitar case and I stomped along to fill out the tracks. 


Click the icons below to listen


"Dancer" Live

A clip of Fort Dakota's "Dancer" from my first Birmingham gig at The Nick.  This is the most patriotic I've ever looked.  Red, white and blue shirt with an American flag backdrop and a borrowed dread knot acoustic guitar.  


Carbondale Press

Nightlife Entertainment Guide

"Kyle Nachtigal Is Living the Singer/Songwriter Dream"

by Thomas Henry Horan



"Time To Tell"


We shot this video for Fort Dakota's "Time to Tell" on the roof of The McFerrin House in East Nashville.  Thanks to Erik Maynard for risking his life to film this walking backwards! 


Boheme's Banana Boat

My brother has a food truck.  A food boat actually. Boheme's Banana Boat. The bow of the boat is a performance stage.  

Here we are parading the boat through East Nashville.  That's me playing Michael Jackson off the front. 



Blue Plate Special

Blue Plate Special Pic.jpeg



I had a great time on Knoxville's WDVX.  Listen to the performance on YouTube here


"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Jaclyn Davies spent some time in Nashville in December so we worked up a version of "Baby it's Cold Outside." It was actually pretty nice out that day... 



"I Had You" 

Erik Maynard and I went artsy with this video for Fort Dakota's "I Had You." 




"Billie Jean"

Very difficult to stand still while playing Michael Jackson...

Shot by Erik Maynard



"Dancer" in the kitchen

Here's a live version of "Dancer" from Fort Dakota recorded to tape by Ken Buono.  Shot in Ken's kitchen!!  



"Cold Water"

(For the Beliebers)

Back at it again with the brilliant Megan Davies, trying to make acoustic sense of some Justin Beiber. 



"Talkin' Memories and Dreams" Live


Here's some live footage from a summer show at Creekside Pub in my hometown, Springfield, MO.

This song is an original talkin' blues, à la Bob Dylan.



"Gold Digger Mashup"

Medley Ingredients:

1 cup Audi Westgate 

2 tbs Ray Charles 

2 tbs Kanye West 

1 tsp The Beatles 






"Want to Want Me"

Megan Davies and I turned Jason Derulo's pop hit into an acoustic duet.  



The McFerrin Sessions



The McFerrin Sessions was recorded with a band in a single day at the McFerrin House in East Nashville.

Josh Morris engineered the project, which we mixed later at Fort Dakota Studios





Here's the band from the McFerrin Sessions.  Nicholas Swafford on drums, Taylor Jones on bass.   Live from the Bongo Java's After Hours Theatre. 


Here are a couple of videos from the day we recorded.  Thanks to Erik Maynard and Trevor Krulcik for the video work!